In the current study, the numerical analysis of the flow field characteristics around
the parabolic trough with stiffener of solar polar concentrating power system is
performed. The presence of stiffener changes the velocity and pressure distribution
around the trough and then the wind loads also changed. Wind loads (drag, lift and
moment) coefficients for different wind speeds and angles of attack are simulated.
Pressure distribution, velocity distribution and turbulent kinetic energy for different
wind speeds and angles of attack are also simulated. To verify the numerical
simulation, comparisons with experimental results are performed. Reproducing of
experimental boundary condition is carried out in numerical simulations. The
numerical simulations are performed by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
package fluent 12.1. The results of this simulation show that the flow field
characteristics are strongly related to angles of attack and trough orientation. Also the
most important result of this study is that the presence of stiffener makes the trough a
more bluff body than the trough without stiffener. This development of trough
configuration will excite more vortexes shedding around the edges of trough