A one-dimensional micro-structured tellurium (Te) microtube and tellurium
dioxide (TeO2) microwire were successfully prepared by cold spray process in
large scale by a facile approach of sprayed (Te), (TeO2) dry powder in an inert
atmosphere using helium gas onto glass substrate. Tellurium and Tellurium dioxide
were sprayed by heating carrier gas at (200,300,400 and 500 °C) and 2 MPa
pressure on the glass substrate (100°C). Heat treatment was done under vacuum
(0.0133mbar) for (30 min) at (200°C) for Te and (400°C) for TeO2.The prepared
microtubes and microwire was examined by XRD, AFM and SEM. The result
showed that the obtained microtubes and microwire were highly pure.