The goal of this research is to find the proper solutions of curing the water hammer which the suddenly shutdown of the electricity that supply the power to the pumps occurs it, where this case make the water return to the pumps with very high speed approach the pumping speed which make surge wave, usually the pumps and the pipes and valves would crushed according to this surge wave. When the studied hydraulic data was taken from the pump station located on Tigris river and also from the knowledge of the pumping capacity and the velocity of the pumps used in this station and input this data to (Bentley Software ) specialized in studying and locating the position of the water hammer support to locate the right place to put the surge tank which can absorbs the surge wave and finally to prevent the water from returning with very high speed to the pumps and to save the pumps, pipes and valves from crushing even when the electricity suddenly shutdown and depend on the standby generators to generate the electricity , the putting of surge tanks in the place of highest point of pressure make the pressure decreased from (22bar ) up to (7 bar ) approximately .