One of the main requirements of the truck tire sidewall are flexing resistance, tensile strength and tear resistance, as well as resistance to weather conditions experienced by tires during use, which include exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, the requirements and changing circumstances led to develop the design parts of tires, and sidewall is more susceptible to these conditions, where it will be studying the properties of truck tire sidewall produced by Al- Dewaniya Tires Factory- Iraq, according to the specifications designed by Italian Perilli Co. since about 20 years ago, which prompted to development the mechanical and physical properties of those components.
The present work aim to design stocks with high specifications, through the study of the impact of the substantial material (rubber) in truck tire sidewall recipe. Natural rubber, Standard Vietnam Rubber (SVR5) and synthetic rubber, Styrene-Butadiene-Rubber(SBR1502),also the introduction of a new type of synthetic rubber is Poly Butadiene (BRcis), filled with carbon black (N550) as a reinforcement agent with fixed loading percentage (51pphr),as well as other components such as accelerators, anti-oxidants, anti-ozonants and vulcanizing agent. Through laboratory testing found that stocks containing (NR/SBR/BRcis) blending with (40/60/-), (40/50/10) and (40/40/20) as a percentage loading has given good results in many tests including tensile, tear, compression, hardness and fatigue crack growth resistance.