Erosion–corrosion of Al-Mg-Si aluminum alloy in NaCl–water solutions were studied by weight-loss measurements through an impingement jet system. The effect of sand concentration and fluid impingement angle, were investigated. The sand used is Iraqi silica sand from Al-ardhimah .
The result showed that, increasing erosion time, will increase the erosion rate of alloy samples for all sand concentration and impact angels. When the sand concentration is increased the erosion-corrosion rate of alloy samples will increase, and the maximum value of erosion –corrosion rates occur when the impact angle is about( 45◦).The surface morphologies of eroded surface after abrasive water-jetting, show that erosion rather than corrosion, controls the total Erosion-Corrosion rate of Al-Mg-Si alloy in sand-containing NaCl–water solutions.