Numerous quantitative relationships have been formulated to describe the nature of surface-drainage networks. These relationships have been used in various studies of geomorphology and surface-water hydrology, such as flood characteristics, sediment yield, and evolution of basin morphology.
The study area lies in west of Iraq, in Al-Anbar province. With an area of 2754.33 Km². And the geographic coordinates of the study area is (40°, 27` E- 32°, 47` N). (44°, 34` E - 33°, 36` N). DEM image were used with (90 m) resolution and the drawing tools in ARC GIS program to delineate the total basin of the study area and watersheds. We conclude that there were 31 watersheds in the study area and that group of parameters were calculated such as (Basin Area, Basin Length, Basin Diameter, Stream order Length, Differences between max and min Altitude, Elongation, Circularity, Stream Density, Basin Form, Relief). The study shows that the stream density was (8.481289828) Km/Km2 which mean that the study area has a good discharge of water and sediments, the elongation in the study area is (0.511549442) and that mean the study area is closer to a rectangular shape, and the relief in the study area is (3.2816911) m/Km and it reflects that the study area had poor effects of erosion and weathering.