This paper aims to study the behavior and strength of ferrocement beams under flexural loading. Seven specimens (four simply supported rectangular beams and three simply supported T-beams) are tested under flexural load. An analytical method is proposed to analyze the ferrocement beams. A three-dimensional finite element computer program is developed in this paper to study the nonlinear behavior of ferrocement beams. The quadratic 20-node brick elements are used to model the mortar. The wire mesh layers are considered as smeared layers embedded within the brick element. The skeletal bars are modeled as axial members embedded within the brick element. Material nonlinearity due to the response of mortar in compression, crushing, cracking in tension, tension stiffening and shear retention effect of cracked mortar and yielding of wire mesh and skeletal bar are considered. Good agreement between the experimental work results, the analytical and the finite element results are achieved.