The work in this research presents the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) which integrated with remote sensing (RS) techniques in geotechnical engineering for Basrah city south of Iraq. These maps provide a powerful database and strong visual presentation of geotechnical data.
The research is performed in several stages that started with the utilize of LNADSAT 7 ETM+ satellite image with 14.25 m resolution within the visible bands of the study area, applying the geometric correction and performing image enhancements by using ERDAS software. Then collection of laboratory tests reports of boreholes is conducted in the study area and projecting their location as a layer using ArcGIS software after determining their position using a GPS instrument. The total number of soil investigated reports is (31) with total number of boreholes is (105).
The results of this study emphasize the possibility of producing digital geotechnical maps by using ArcGIS software that represents the distribution of the geotechnical properties for study area, such as allowable bearing capacity, the normalized undrained shear strength (cu/P'o), Liquidity Index and compression index.