The fast development in Remote Sensing technology with various sources of data especially LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) images promote the ability of using data , but the accuracy of produce Maps issue always need to be evaluate.
So the main aim of this research is to evaluate the accuracy of using elevation data for various techniques, such as Photogrammetry and remote sensing techniques then comparison with traditional filed surveying using DGPS total station and level instrument.
LiDAR data gives accurate elevation therefore; 3D model can be obtained from LiDAR data which can be used in many applications such as civil engineering and surveying engineering, etc.
In this research University of Technology has been chosen as case study area, and many Geomatic approaches executed such as extracted height of features from field surveys using Total Station and comparison with the heights extracted from LiDAR data. According to the results analysis it can be stated that the elevations from the LiDAR data within accuracy of (3-10) cm can be obtained