The catalyst cost regards one of the most important obstacles in petroleum industry. Therefore, the regeneration of catalysts could be more economic process to get high performance and low cost. In this work, three types of catalysts were investigated: Pt/A2lO3 (spent catalyst from reforming unit/Al-Doura Refinery), prepared Pt/A2lO3(Doura) and Pt/HY. The performances of catalysts (activity, selectivity and catalyst stablity) were studied using n-heptane as feedstock under reforming conditions.
The operating pressure kept constant at atmospheric pressure, and the operating temperature 500 oC. The liquid flow was 0.4 l/h. The amount of catalyst was 50 gm, H2/H.C ratio used was 2 for all experimental runs.
The catalyst of reforming process has been successfully regenerated using laser technique. This technique regards as a new approach for catalyst regeneration in petroleum industry to remove carbon deposits. On the other hand, this regeneration technique shows a great potential for economical processes in petroleum refineries. The results show that the best operating conditions for the regeneration process were: laser power of 13 watt and regeneration temperature of 650 oC. From the results of catalyst characterization it was concluded that the structures and morphology of all catalysts types did not effected or destroyed through using laser power.