The exchange of the data between the drawing programs like this one used in this research, AutoCAD, and the other application programs is very important to develop the applications in CAD systems. The present paper aims to make a logic sequence for the entities that are drawn randomly to prepare them to further CAD or CAM manipulations. The methodology in this work is using the DXF (Data Exchange File) which represents a CAD file format in which the drawing is saved by using AutoCAD package. All the required manipulations, begging from extraction the data of the drawing entities to accomplishment the sequencing, have been done by building a suitable visual basic program. Also, the AutoCAD package has been used as a checking tool for the results after applying the proposed program, by opening the new DXF file format to AutoCAD environment. The results show that the use of the concept of exchanging the data in CAD environment is a good way to apply the methodology of the research.