This study describes a three-dimensional nonlinear finite element model suitable for the analysis of high strength reinforced concrete arched beams under static load. The twenty node isoperimetric brick element has been used to model the concrete and reinforcing steel bars have been idealized as axial members embedded within the brick elements. Perfect bond was assumed to occur between the concrete and the reinforcing bars. The behavior of concrete in compression is simulated by an elasto-plastic work hardening model followed by a perfectly plastic response, which is terminated at the onset of the crushing. In tension, a smeared crack model with fixed orthogonal cracks has been used. High and normal strength reinforced concrete arched beams have been analyzed in the present study. Parametric studies have been carried out to investigate the effect of radius to span length ratio, boundary conditions, (α2) [the sudden loss of stress at the instant of cracking], and effect of compressive strength. In general good agreement between the finite element solutions and the experimental results have been obtained.