In this investigation we obtained composite material by the powder technology process of metallic matrix which posses particle size ( 20µm ) with changing the percentage of additive ceramic material which posses particle size ( 53 µm) which is widely used in aerospace vehicle ,medical and engineering applications. Macro hardness and physical properties (density ,porosity), also microstructure which were produced from laser surface treatment of the composite material were done into two stages:
1- To study the first stage: study the effect of the changing in the percentage of the additive ceramic material SiC (%5 ,%10 ,%15 ,%20 ) on hardness and physical properties of composite material before and after sintering of the specimens.
2-The second stage :The study the effect of laser surface treatment on hardness and physical properties with different percentages.
Pluse Nd:YAG laser was used with frequency ( 3Hz ),wave length (1064nm), laser energy ( 1J ) and pluse width (100 nm) and study the effect of one pluse and two pluses on hardness after sintering of the specimens.
The results which were obtained experimentally reveals the impovment in the structure and hardness and also the physical properties (density ,porosity) for the specimens treated by laser with two pluses and additive percentage (%20 ) .