Today, an electric consumption on the cooling are increased and the sources of classical energy in words and in our country are decreased, in additional, the heat emission phenomena and desert climate, making us to research about solar energy which available in our country. Single effect cooling system is chosen in this work to applied the solar energy since, the temperature required to working it is not high, and there is a possibility to use solar energy under the conditions OF Erbil city. The temperature ranges re for heating water of generation system are determined and COP variation with condensation temperature are studied by using the diagrams. Solar receiver area calculated by using (F-chart ) method .The working are simulated for summer months by using TRNSYS program's which is dependent on weather data . Average heating load for each month are calculated , also the average radiation daily and cooling load for summer months are calculated .The results indicated that, the optimum area was equal to (160 m2) which satisfied the maximum value of P*F to produce cooling power 50 kW and COP = 80% . The simulation was by TRNSYS program which predicted the performance of flat plate solar recovers through the Summer months.