Face recognition is one of the most important research fields in many of applications
and it is used in various domains including human computer interaction, security
systems and personal identification. Many of face recognition systems have been
developed for decades. In general, the accuracy of the face recognition system is
determined by the accuracy of the method that is used to extract features and the
accurate of the classification method. This paper introduces an improvement of face
recognition system by using Linear Discrimination Analysis and Support Vector
Machine. Two types of experiments off-line and on-line are done. In off-line
experiment, the Olivetti Research Laboratory face database is used and in on-line
experiment, DVD Maker 2 adapter is used to capture live image from digital camera,
and digitalize it to be compared with training database. The Comparison with Linear
Discriminate Analysis and Artificial Neural Network is implemented .The results show
that the proposed method gives better results in off-line experiment than previous
methods in terms of recognition rate.