This work develops a new computerized vision of skin cancer diagnosis based on
color matching of pigmented skin lesion and some parameters of ABCD method.
Initially, the clinical diagnostic criteria have been translated to mathematical
concepts. So the lesion edge detection; symmetry; even-symmetry; and segmentation
are computed. Then, the suspicious images would be classified into one of three
categories: benign (mole), malignant (melanoma/non-melanoma), or unknown tumor
using image profile information. The remaining malignant images (melanoma, Basal
Cell Carcinoma, or Squamous Cell Carcinoma) would be further classified using
matching procedure for color spectrums (Red, Yellow, Brown, Black/Gray) with
lesion pigment. The lesion image is segmented into four quarters and the matching
procedure of 120 spectrums is started searching for better result with mean squared
error less than 0.003. The software has been tested over 40 classified images and it
successfully re-classified 92%. This result could be improved if lesion quarters and/or
spectrums are increased.