Ensure this research design and implementation of Primary hydraulic system with external variable load for the purpose to studying the influences of the dimensions of pipes in hydraulic systems, we have been designing two lines for oil,one long (far from the power source) and the other short (close to the source) as it is used in practical applications in factories. The testing process included measuring the
speed of the piston in the cases of the long way and short way (with the load) at the same pressure and flow and record the difference in speed of the piston in this two cases and also included practical tests measure the speed of vibration and acceleration of vibration on the tip of the arm piston at various pressures, as well as for various
flow also for two cases (long way and short way) at zero position and non zero position of directional valve, for the purpose of showing the effect on the piston performance and directional valve. The theoretical side has included work a mathematical model of each part of the hydraulics system and then work a theoretical analysis of the hydraulic cycle combined and for two cases (long way and short way impose zero) for two types of actuator since been developed for the final transfer
function for each case. It turns out that the effect of the length of the pipe is clear from the difference between the transfer functions, as well as the comparison between symmetric piston and non symmetric piston. Been an increase in the speed of the piston in the case of the short way compared to the long way in range of (0.0074 cm ⁄ sec). It was also recording speed of vibration and acceleration of vibration of the short and long ways at different flow and pressure and show that acceleration of vibration and speed of vibration are greater in the case of the long line. It was also that Bulk modulus affect the value of the amplitude frequency and increase laden mass on the tip of the plunger lead, reduced amplitude of the frequency. It was concluded that the
non-symmetric piston gives better results in terms of lower frequency amplitude.