This research is interest in increasing the strength of spot welding joint for thin
commercial Aluminum by adding casting component to the welding zone in the form of
powder. Those components are copper, manganese and magnesium which are added in a
different percentages it appear that the strength of the spot welding has been improved
by (14.5%) when adding(0.4 grams of magnesium),(0.1 grams of manganese ) and (0.4
gram of copper).
The powder is added in the welding zone boundary after made a single hole with a
depth of (0.375mm) and a diameter of (1mm) in the center of spot welding point.
To increase the welding strength, five holes have been made with the same above
dimensions through the welding zone boundary. The percentages of additive used after
reparation the reduction of Aluminum powder.
The value of shearing strength increase with a percentage of (27.3%) as comparing
with those without additive.
Also, heat treatment has been done, which gave a redaction in the strength of spot
welding. It has been observed that the increase in the temperature of heat treatment
result in decreasing in the spot strength. Welding and cooling environment have an
effect on the strength of welded specimen. Hence, air welding environment gives a good
welding strength.