Deep drawing process is an important industrial processes where it has been
extensively used. It is a process for converting the blank metal to make cylindricalshape
in most of the cases. A research program for performing basic calculations
related to the product shape was utilized. Eighteen geometric shapes have been
selected for the production in this process. The program is include the general
equations for this controlling process for each form. When choosing one of the shapes
in the program, the dimensions of the desired product are selected. In other words, the
inputs to the program are the required dimensions of the product before reaching the
required deportation. In addition, diameter, height and other related dimension are
computed which were chosen for each stage throughout the operation. Visual Basic
language was used to implement this program because of its ability to deal with
graphical interface. The program also accounts for a large number of mathematical
equations. Computer program is aimed to help designers templates deep drawing
quickly through the implementation of the process, and this exceeds the designer
experience that is required to perform the require calculations.