Bi2-xHgxSr2-yBayCaCu2O8 High Temperature Superconductor (HTSC) has been
prepared as a pellet by solid state reaction with a certain substitution percentages (0
,0.05 ,0.1) of Hg and Ba substitution instead of Bi and Sr respectively . Then, HTSC
wires were fabricated from the prepared superconductor pellets using powder in tube
(PIT) method utilizing silver as the tube material. The prepared wires are of three types;
with monofilament MOF, 9 multifilament core 9MF and 81 filaments core(81MF).
Several cycles of mechanical drawing and rolling process performed to the starting
silver tube of 0.4 cm diameter and 5 cm length to minimize the filament diameter. The
average filament diameter with 81MFC wire was about 25μm measured with an optical
Tc critical temperature for superconductivity is measured for the pellets and wires
using four point probes techniques. These results show that the substation Bi by Hg
give a rise to the superconductor to improve highly Tc , while substitution Sr with Ba
lowers Tc .substitution of 0.05 , 0.1 Hg to the composition Bi2-xHgxSry-2BayCa1Cu2O8
will raise the transition temperature (Tc) . Also substitution of Sr by Ba decreases the
transition temperature (Tc), Hg( 0.05 – 0.1 ) substitution still raise Tc after substitution
of Ba with (0.05 – 0.1). low – Tc phase (2212) , 2201 phase in B-2212 system and the
addition of Ag to silver sheaths and a small amount of impurity phases appear in the
result of XRD analysis.