A study has been made to evaluate wear behavior of AISI 52100 steel under
different quenching media. This investigation was accomplished by two stages. In
the first stage of the study , quenching treatment was applied to the steel alloy and
then cooling was carried out in various media (Oil , Polyvinyl Alcohol , Glycerol),
and finally low temperature tempering (200Co) was applied to the quenched
samples to eliminate internal stresses after transformation from austenization
temperature to the temperature which the samples were cooled. Microstructural
examination was achieve using light microscopic for all heat treated specimens after
metallographic preparations . In the second stage , pin - on - disk technique was
used to determine the wear rate of the treated specimens depending on weight loss
method . Worn surfaces of the steels were examined using light microscopic to
characterize the topography of the surfaces.
The results exhibited that (i) Martensitic matrices with retained austenite can be
obtained depending on the quenching medium . (ii) Chromium carbides have been
precipitated as a result of quenching heat treatment in different quenchants . (iii)
Quenching in oil and then tempering revealed wear resistance more than other
quenchants . (iv) wear cracks were presented on the worn surfaces of the steels
which was used in this work .