Waste paper recycling is a process by which waste paper or waste cellulose fibers
are processed together with some chemical additions to produce another product such
as file cover, greeting card paper board and duplicating paper for goods.
A new efficient and simple method has been designed then applied in a present
work. Different types of waste papers are introduced as (writing paper WT, news paper
NT and magazine paper MT) during an experimental design apparatus stages of
collecting, separating, cutting, digesting / cooking, bleaching, lifting couching,
pressing and drying, finishing for final applications at operation conditions.
The finish products go to checking their characteristics properties, physical and
mechanical properties such as specific gravity, moisture content, brightness color,
porosity, stiffness, tensile strength, tensile breaking, elongation, and tearing resistance.
The result for these properties proved that all types give good mechanical properties
for application in another utilization use as saving pads for goods with optimum
application of newspaper samples.