In this study induced air flotation (IAF) through Perspex glass column (ID 10cm and 150 cm heights) has been studied experimentally to treat the oily wastewater of Iraqi North Oil Company. The column operated in a semi-batch mode (batch wastewater, continuous air injection).
Different samples of oily wastewater (30,100,800ppm) were used. Air introduced at different superficial gas velocity through porous (pore size 120µm) distributor which located at the bottom of column. Different speed of the stirrer (50 to 250) rpm was used to indicate it effect on the removal efficiency of oil from water.
The study showed that the removal efficiency of oil was increased with increasing initial oil concentration, it reached up to 76 %. While it became 89% when using stirrer.
The experimental results were translated to a computer program to predicate empirical correlation.