The basic idea for this research is summarized in preparing special formula consisting of cut hydrocarbon petroleum with pure water and a combination of surface tension materials and the formula prepared in the form of emulsion (diesel-water) which is being stabilized in storage temperature and at temperatures and colliding pressure during use .The prepared emulsion is used in the interior combustion engines to increase the efficiency of fuel and reducing of toxic gases emissions and contaminated particles.
Iraqi diesel fuel product in" Daura Refinery” was selected and the emulsion was prepared by mixing with gradual addition of water to the diesel containing small amounts of (surface- tension) material. In this research variables and optimum conditions of preparation and their impact on stability were studied such as water/diesel ratio, concentration of surfactants, mixing periods and mixing speeds. The physical properties of formula prepared were measured such as density, viscosity and surface tension. The results show that the optimum conditions of preparation were: 5% water/diesel ratio; 0.2% concentration of surfactants; 3 min. mixing period and 4000 rpm mixing speed.