Syntheses of biopolymer (Alginic acid) was made by reaction of sodium alginate with hydrochloric acid (concs) in aqueous ethanol with ratio (30:70) as adsorption material to remove vanadium from crude oil directly during the purification.
Effect of come factors on adsorption steps by this acid were studied such of time, pH value and concentration.
The capability of this biopolymer for adsorption (in aqueous solution) was known form previous study , and this property become useful to help this work for removing of vanadium from crude oil as take place in refinery. The results also showed that the concentration of Vanadium was decreases with the greater weight of the polymer additive, where focus was before Added 75.0 ppm, while the 67.5 ppm , when adding 0.025g, of polymer. And became (18.75ppm) after the addition of 0.05g of the polymer, Thus results show that whenever the greater weight of the polymer, decreased the concentration of Vanadium.