Emulsified asphalt mixture is generally a mix made of emulsified asphalt with aggregate. Emulsified asphalt is manufactured from base asphalt, emulsifier agent and water. This study aims to study and improve the emulsified asphalt mixtures with using of ordinary Portland cement as filler materials for road construction and maintenance in Iraq as an alternative to the hot asphalt mixtures, due to its economical, practical and environmental advantages. Beside this study focused to test and evaluates the emulsified asphalt material properties to be used as paving mixture. The tested properties of emulsified asphalt mixture were bulk density, air voids, dry Marshall Stability, wet Marshall Stability, retained Marshall Stability, flow tests with different compaction efforts differ from standard Marshall Limitations and compared with the common used specification. The results indicate that the emulsified asphalt type cationic slow setting low viscosity (CSS-1) is very suitable with quartz type of aggregate from Al-Nibaay quarry. From many trial mixes it is found that the best percentages of initial residual bitumen content to produced adequate results for coating test ,mixing ,compaction ,curing and Marshall stability were ranged from (2.5%, 3%,3.5%,4% and 4.5%), and the optimum percentage is (3.5%).Finally it can be conducted that the emulsified asphalt mixture contained Portland cement filler material is a suitable alternative mixture to the hot asphalt mixture for road construction and specially maintenance of roadways in Iraq.