The main aim of this study was to evaluate the asphalt mixture properties for samples that were taken from different sites and plants: Amanat Baghdad, Faluja municipality, and Baghdad Governorate, which almost produced in private plants. Forty seven asphalt mixtures samples were tested following Marshall Test. The tested properties were: Marshall Stability, Marshall Flow, specimen density, and air voids. Asphalt extraction was carried out according to quantative extraction of bitumen from paving mixtures test.
A statistical analysis of the collected field data was performed and a prediction model was built. The variables such as asphalt content, stability and flow data were analyzed using computer software. The statistical analysis includes four stages: data extraction and evaluation, verification, calibration, and validation.
Results of this study indicate that both of Marshall Stability and Marshall Flow correlate positively with asphalt content, but with different degree. Asphalt content affect Stability property much more than flow property of the asphalt mixes.