The aims are to study the effect of dust storms and sand on traffic safety in Iraq in general and in Salahuddin province in particular, especially as the dust storms have become a threat to road users (people and vehicles) and result in direct impacts and multiple life and human health and the conditions of social and psychological generally through its impact on the surrounding environment and the traffic of vehicles. Types of dust storms sweeping the region and examined models of them to find out what the quality and measure wind speed caused by the use of statements meteorological previous years has been studied and the work of a questionnaire distributed to drivers of vehicles to demonstrate the impact of these storms on them and the work program of statistical analysis, the results showed that storms pose a threat heavily on traffic safety, but local storms more dangerous than storms overall public because they suddenly appear and disappear in less than an hour and there are no signs or warning to occur and surprised the driver or pedestrian and cause confusion and traffic accidents. Recommendations of which was given the green belts around cities, landscaping and paving roads and sidewalks non-tiled and install some desert areas either salt or sprinkled with other suitable materials.