The work presented in this paper was concerned to design a new remote control and monitoring system, which can be used for controlling the electrical devices at college/office and monitoring the clients' status by using the Virtual Private Network (VPN). The system is consists of server and multi clients and utilize VPN for establish a secret communication within internet network or enhanced wireless network. The server employed for controlling the remote devices which inherent with clients through serial interface. The interface circuit was designed to connect the serial port with the devices which are consisting of (Max238, UART, and CD4060) to complete the functions of interface. There are 8 pins for data output, which can produce up to 256 different control signal statuses. The mechanism of monitoring operation was achieved through executing two function: firstly, the files transfer (image or text) between sever and clients; secondly, monitoring the client status through server computer. For more security a new wireless enhanced network was built to implement the Virtual Private Network (VPN) which consists of four power nano station (5GHz) to establish transfer information for distance up to 35 Km. PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol), IPSec. (Internet Protocol Security) was configured to give secret authentication for virtual private network. Visual basic language was used to implement the frameworks (GUI) and socket connection.