This research focuses on the effect of population increases ( in Baghdad , Nineveh, Basrah ) on ( maximum , minimum , and annual temperature averages ) this concerns the period from 1977- 2010 . Meterological Stations in these Provinces ( Baghdad airport , Mosul city , Basrah – Hussein Quarter ) have recorded an increase in urban warming – they reached 00.3C ، 0.5C0 ، 0.6C0 according to maximam temperature and 0.1C0 ،0C0 ،0.3C0 according to average annual temperature, associated with an increase in population. 4594161 , 1894940 , 1029869 . the location of Baghdad station as far from the city centre led to a less urban ratios in warming in comparison to other stations mentioned . on other hand geographic location of Mosul station ( higher than the see level ) led to a less ratios of warming compared to Basrah station , despite of the high – populated city of Nineveh .