This research includes the preparation of polymers mixtures consists of resins (Unsaturated Polyester with Polyurethane) (UP+PU), where the optimal mixing ratio has been selected on the basis of the best impact strength. It is found that the mixing ratio with percentage (60% Polyester+40% Polyurethane), where it has been used to prepare the samples. The mechanical tests have been performed on the prepared samples; in addition the effect of increasing the temperature (22±2 °C (R.T.), 35±4°C, 50±4 °C) has been studied on the samples. A four samples where prepared from the polymers mixtures using the above mentioned mixing ratio by using the method of hand casting technique; these samples are: polymers mixture consisting of (UP+PU), added to it the micro cotton powder with weight ratio (2%) once and for copper by weight ratio (39%) with volumetric fraction of copper (5%) again, as well as composite material was prepared from the same polymers mixture adding to it micro cotton powder filling and chips together in the same weight ratios mentioned earlier. Some mechanical tests were conducted include: (Flexural strength and Tensile strength). A sample of the four polymers mixtures have been examined using the Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), and study the effect of adding reinforcement materials, and also study the topography of the surface of each sample and the knowledge the fine structure for each mixture. Results showed that the reinforced blends with micro cotton powder and copper (UP+PU+MC+Cu) possess better mechanical properties of Flexural strength and Tensile strength, also it has all tests are affected by temperatures.