The spectral properties (absorption and fluorescence) of laser dyes (Rhodamine6G, Rhodamine 3GO and Rhodamine B) mixture have been studied. This type of laser dye belongs to the Xanthenes family, it has dissolved in chloroform to prepare (1*10-5 M) in different ratio such as (1R6G:1R3GO:1RB, 2R6G:1R3GO:1RB, 3R6G:1R3GO:1RB, 4R6G:1R3GO:1RB, 1R6G:2R3GO:1RB, 1R6G:3R3GO:1RB, 1R6G:4R3GO:1RB, 1R6G:1R3GO:2RB, 1R6G:1R3GO:3RB, and 1R6G:1R3GO:4RB) at room temperature.
The quantum efficiency of the dissolved Rhodamine in chloroform has been computed by using the above ratio and their results are as follows (89%,92%, 93%,95%,92%,93%,94%,84%,84%,and 84%) respectively.
The Radiative lifetime have been computed as given
(0.188,0.19,0.203,0.209,0.198,0.196,0.201,0.191,0.207,and0.219ns)respectively. Fluorescence lifetime have been also computed as given
(0.167,0.174,0.189,0.198,0.182,0.183,0.189,0.160,0.174,and0.184ns) respectively.