There has been a considerable effort in several fields, for objective color analysis and characterization. This paper study the problem of teeth color estimation using the most common color space in current use being the Commission International ed’ Eclairage L*a*b* parameters of the captured images were derived from Photoshop software and saved as digital shade guides. A set of ceramic teeth shade was used, Images were captured with high resolution digital camera with LED flash and the data obtained was used to calculate the L*a* and b* values, these values conventionally obtained directly from RGB space. This paper proposed a method to estimating teeth color information from acquired camera data by calculating the L*a*b*values from the device independent color space the CIEXYZ space using transformation matrix which is involve calibration and characterization parts. The results showed significant correlation between data obtained from the digital camera using calibration and characterization process with that obtained from spectrophotometer, also the result showed that the digital camera can be used for color measurements in dental clinic, where the digital imaging could be an alternative for using colorimetric or spectrophotometric methods.