In this work, detailed investigation was carried out on a large number of casted cement blocks,which have been immersed in water for various time periods . It was shown that the physical and mechanical properties of the cement castings depended on the immersion period as well as on the solidification degree of the cement,which implies the effectiveness of the degree of hydration of the cement samples.These specimens were subjected to external compressive stresses,ultrasonic testing showed that the velocity of the ultrasonic waves dependent the applied stresses values .
There is a critical stress after which the velocity seem to be reduced suddenly and effectively .This may be correlated with the initiation of cracks as a first stage of failure .This sudden reduction in wave velocity was only clear in specimens whose completed hydration and curing .However, this behaviour was not exhibited in specimens with lower degrees of curing or hydration before that critical stress,the wave velocity seem to gradually reduce due to various degrees of defotmation .