The focus of this study estimate the proportion of soil contamination in the University of Technology lead metal using atomic absorption spectrometer Flame (AAS), and the results showed an increase in the proportion of lead in some samples , such as the cafeteria Electrical Engineering (4.50) mg / L, the communications tower University (3.88) mg / L, the door of the presidency of the university (3.75) mg / L, this increase was attributed to the large number of entry and exit of private wheels powered by gasoline, especially as the fuel container on lead additives . While the proportion of at least the lead at the intersection of University Stadium (2.00) mg / L, dormitories for female students (2.25) mg / L, has been attributed to the lack of movement of the wheels in this region and to the perpetuation and constant cleaning of these places.
The samples taken from library Saif -2 -, position transmission lines university, watch door of the university , the club student of the university and the department of Civil engineering was (2.50, 2.50, 2.63, 2.88 and 3.00) mg / L, respectively, were state intermediate between the values of low and high.