This study includes the investigation of contaminants in the water of the Tigris River and testing chemical and biological samples water taken from near the project arm Tigris for one year starting from the (February to November of the year 2012). Was estimated proportion of heavy elements using a technique Spectroscopy Atomic Absorption Flame of the elements lead, iron, copper, cadmium, cobalt, nickel, chromium, has shown The results measured in units of mg / L that ratios were higher in the summer, especially in the (monthly May and August) and also comes was the highest percentage of elemental iron in Maes is
(162.2), followed by copper by (46.3) and lead by 8.8)) either in the month of August, we find that the increase be in other elements as cobalt, reaching 3.0 followed by chromium by 28.5)) and cadmium by (12.0) and then nickel by
(55.6) than it is in winter, when found gnificantly lower the percentage of iron(50.0) then copper by (14.2) and chromium by (12.0) and cadmium (6.3) and then nickel by (3.0) and finally cobalt by (2.0) compared with ecosystems identified, as well as the laser technique was used for killing this microbes like Bacillus species , Proteus species,Klebsiella species and,E.coli, we observed difference in the mechanism of microbial killing by using this technique .