This work has been done with use of Epoxy and Novolac resins mixed with either polyurethane (PUR) or polysulphide(PSR) rubbers to compose ternary polymer blends. Two groups of samples are prepared:
1. Blend A (70% Epoxy +15%Novolac+15%PUR).
2. Blend B (60% Epoxy +20% Novolac +20% PSR).
These blends were tested by wear instrument, This test is carried out on samples under the influence of normal conditions (room temperature) and after immersion of blend samples in chemical solutions (H2O, H2SO4 and KOH) for (15, 30 and 45) days. The normality for these chemical solutions is (0.2N). After immersion the blend samples in chemical solution, their wear resistance decreased. The properties of blend that contains polyurthane rubber were affected more. The test results are affected by all the chemical solutions, but the alkaline solution KOH is the most effective solution. For wear test, results show that wear rate increases with increasing applied load, and increases or decreases with sliding velocity (depending on if it is high or low respectively).