Smart mobile technology is increasingly being utilized as a tool for information dissemination and collection; in addition to support many services such as telephone calls, SMS and MMS messages, e-mail, Web access, etc. The open architecture of these devices is encourages for rapid application development and release. Most people who own smart mobile devices prefer to browse the Internet through these devices, the Mobile Web refers to the use browser-based access to the Internet application from a mobile device which connected to a wireless network. Despite that the Web applications suffer from the interoperability and usability problems.
In this paper, we design and implement a mobile web application for UOT (University of Technology) and mobile application server (MAS) based the three logical layers schema using Apple's Xcode IDE and SQLite database as an Independent on the mobiles operating system and Independent on the specifications of these devices by overcomes the interoperability and usability problems.
Also the implemented mobile web application for UOT enforces security sense when data transported across communication and provides encrypted communication and secure identification using built-in SSL/TLS protocol.