The design and sensitivity aspects of five stages tenth order active bandpass filter suitable for signal processing in electronic circuits are introduced. Simulation process performed is started by evaluating the voltage transfer function of the filter using the nodal approach to the second order activenet work model which represents each stage. The sensitivity analysis with respect to some parameter changes such as resonance frequency and quality factor is treated for proper choice of component values. The computational difficulties in the analog domain manipulations that arises through the cascaded arrangement of the filteris overcome by factorizing the terms in the denominator of the stated voltage transfer function with the aid of MATLAB 7.10.0(R2010a)software program. It was found that the increasing in the quality factor increases the magnitude, phase responses, higher deviation in magnitude sensitivity due to change in resonance frequency and lower frequency range due to change in quality factor. An increasing in the resonance frequency results in a better impulse and step response. The phase sensitivity due to change in resonance frequency shows that an increase in the quality factor gives higher deviation and this deviation is less in the sensitivity due to change in the quality factor. The simulation process of the circuit is done via the introduction of the Multisim software package version 9.0.155, offers good agreements with the results obtained.