The purpose of this study is to present a model suitable for analyzing reinforced concrete (RC) slabs strengthened with Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) failing in punching shear using the finite element method. a nonlinear three-dimensional finite element analysis has been used to conduct an analytical investigation on the overall behavior of reinforced concrete slabs strengthened with CFRP strips. ANSYS (version 11, 2007) computer program is utilized.The 8-node isoparametric brick elements in ANSYS are used to represent the concrete, the steel bars and CFRP strips are modeled as axial members discrete within the concrete brick elements by assuming perfect bond between the concrete and steel and between the concrete and CFRP strips. The numerical analysis incorporates material nonlinearity due to concrete cracking in tension, nonlinear stress-strain relations of concrete in compression, crushing of concrete and yielding of steel reinforcement. Also, the evaluation of the CFRP strips enhancement in shear strength of RC slabs is investigated.
Different types of RC slabs strengthened with CFRP strips have been analyzed. Available experimental results are chosen to check the validity and the accuracy of the adopted models. In general, a good agreement is obtained between the finite element and the experimental results. The maximum percentage difference in ultimate load-carrying capacity is 8.83%. Several parametric studies have been carried out to investigate the effects of some important material parameters on the behavior of strengthened RC slabs. These parameters are the concrete compressive strength, the concrete tensile strength, the number of layers of CFRP strips, the configuration of CFRP strips and the effect of diagonal stirrups of CFRP.