This research studied the tensile properties of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester with different fiber volume fraction Vf, and angle of fibers for coarse and fine woven fibers reinforcement. The composite specimens were prepared by hand lay-up technique and cutting according to (ASTM D – 638) for tensile test to obtain modulus of elasticity, ultimate tensile strength and elongation percentage of the composite specimens. Mathematical models were done by using statistical analysis which shows the tensile properties of the composite specimens as a function of volume fraction and fiber angle.
The results show that the maximum value of the modulus of elasticity was (11.5 GPA) and the maximum value of ultimate tensile strength was (240 MPa) which happed at (11% VF) for fine woven fibers and for (0º/90º) fibers angle, and vice versa for percentage elongation was (2.5%).