ART as painting, sculpture, design or architecture is a part of people's culture
and their daily activity, because it's an important bond between human being and
the environment he lives in, that’s why any society considers architecture as an
essential part of Art Theory of any Era.
It's most confused how many contemporary architects think that sources of
creating art are imposed in their own characters which are so different from the
past that they're indescribable with words but Art is what really capable to improve
from its source. The research finds a necessity for discovering techniques that
make benefit of the development of art's works to have agenda that helps architects
and urban designers to create changeable products in creating urban forms. That's
shows the Research's problem: There is a need to clarify the knowledge topics
around the relationships between Art's movements and Architecture by ideology or
practicing new techniques to create compositions of urban forms, because of the
vast artistic resources that these products depend on. The research took an
analyzing methodology of some roles of art starting from revival romanticism and
abstract classicism to modernism, postmodernism, deconstruction and
contemporary architecture of late 20th century to today.