In this paper, appraisal for residential environment type in Al-Kut city has been done by regular process for evaluation of 198 random samples from dwelling units have been selected in four districts: Al-Kafa'at (57 samples), Hay Al-Rabee (57 samples), Al-Hoboken (65 samples) and Al-Shown (19 samples) to represent the factual residential environment for all the city. Questionnaire form has been prepared consists of (26) questions for environmental aspects for dwelling units to ensure getting all information (quantity and quality) required for environmental appraisal method approved by (APHA). Another one prepared for outdoor environment that surround the dwelling units areas, consists of (21) questions.
Results had been indicated that residential environment for Al-Kut city suffers from many problems like overcrowding which appears in some dwelling units. All then coming from increasing in number of families and total habitants which cause reducing the require areas for residents and led to reduce the privacy. Also some of the dwelling units had toilet and bathroom located outside its structure, additionally lack to some basic environmental requires. As result the shutdowns of public electricity for a long duration per day generate lack in adaptation, light…..etc. Surrounding environment of some districts has other important factors like neglecting or poor pavement of its streets and sidewalks. In addition to lack in sewage and storm systems, public parking, open areas, public playgrounds and public playfields.