This paper presents a proposed blind detection method for Multiple Input Multiple Output-Space Time Coded (MIMO-STC) wireless systems based on Independent Component Analysis (ICA). The proposed method used the statistical independence of the sources of signals for blindly detection of STC signals. The original transmitted signals are estimated by gradient the kurtosis-based objective function of the received signals. In contrast to other approaches, the proposed method does not require any modification in transmission side or using the training sequences. Simulation results using MATLAB demonstrate competitive results for the proposed system comparing with conventional Minimum Mean Squared Error (MMSE) detector. Where at (10-7) Bit Error Rate (BER) there is about (4 dB) and (7.5 dB) improvement in Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) for the proposed system adopting Orthogonal Space-Time Block Coded (OSTBC) scheme with (6) receiving antennae comparing to the same system with (4) and (2) receiving antennae respectively.