The base road material sources are distributed in many locations of Erbil Governorate. Generally most of them having sound engineering properties, so it dose not need to stabilized chemically. But recently in several constructed roads rutting phenomenon are appeared soon after construction and usage. For this reason in this study, materials in four quarries are taken and treated with Portland cement ( 0% to 7% contents). Engineering properties and unconfined compressive strength are studied. The results indicated that the unconfined compressive strength increased more than 10 times (from1069 kPa to 11238kP) for Kasnazan materials, about 3 times (from 1999 kPa to 5881 kPa) for crushed (Kalak) gravel, about 4 times (from 793 kPa to 3337 kPa) for Zurgazraw materials and more than 3 times (from 1744 kPa to 6640 kPa) for crushed (Darabezmara) stone. It was found that the optimum cement content to be equal to 2.9%, 0.6%, 4.8% and 0.6% of dry weight of Kasnazan, Kalak (crushed gravel), Zurgazraw, and Darabzmara (crushed stone) materials respectively.