White kaolinite materials are available raw materials in the western desert in Iraq which exist in Al-Amige region within sediments near the surface. White kaolinite is a high grade raw material which is rich in alumina and its reserve is about 20 million Ton .and because of its locality and its ability of economical investment so the idea of separation of the alumina from it is appeared. The white kaolinite is calcinated at 6000Cfor one hour .The slime leaching for it was applied using hydrochloric acid at different variable conditions (time, molarity ,and particle sizes ) to produce aluminum chloride .The product material can be used as paint manufacturing , antiperspirants ,petroleum refining , product of synthetic rubber and making detergents. The best results were obtained at particle size of-106+75micron, 3 molarity ,3 hour and at 800C, 80 r.p.m. and solid: liquid (1:3). The alumina grade in the powder after separation was reduced from 28% to 5.069 %, and the absorption degree of the Aluminum Chloride was 2.91 and the separation percentage was 82.34 %.