The work aim to study the effect of the blank holder slope angle on deep drawing parameters such as: punch force, strain state and thickness distribution along cup wall of drawn part. 3-D model of cylindrical cup of (40mm) outer diameter, and (0.5mm) thickness from mild steel (1008–AISI), has been developed. Due to the symmetry in the specimen geometry, only one fourth portion of the model needed to be analyzed. A commercially available finite element program code (ANSYS14.0), was used to perform the numerical simulation of the deep drawing operation. The numerical results of this model were compared with experimental results. Four types of blank holder and dies with slope angle (0o, 7.5 o, 15 o, 22.5 o) .the experimental and numerical results show that the required punch force decrease with increase in blank holder slope angle , The best thickness distribution over all zones in produced cup obtained when using blank holder with angle α= 15º.