Thinking is a mental act the person uses it when he is facing a special attitude or a problem. as he tries to reach the appropriate solutions. Which is an integral part of the behavioral pattern of human which determines the compatibility with the external environment, the critical thinking aims to form the mind so as to judged ideas and perceptions and other provisions to know its mental compatibility and consistency before adopting them. So the critical mentality do not accept the matters and accidents as it is, and do not rush to believe them ,but expose them to the mental balance and to the test of experiment to verify their validity or mistake and in order to activate the above on the academic level ,so the research has sought to investigate the elements of critical thinking in the educational process in the jurisdiction of the Architecture and on two levels, first : the efficiency of the performance of curriculum vocabulary and the second : the efficient functioning of the teaching staff, and for all academic stages. To achieve this objective the research has hired the conceptual theoretical frameworks which passing by the critical thinking aspect and its components and standards because of its importance in the academic educational process and test its consistency with the criteria which straighten university quality performance on the same two levels in order to reach to the extent of the activation of critical thinking elements at the respondents. It was between the results of the research that has been detected some clear deficiencies in the activation of the elements of critical thinking on the two researched levels , according to the questionnaire that was included in the case study process , according to ranges indexed in the research results .