The tribological behaviour of a G-P ( glass-polyester ) composite system and G-P composite systems interfaced with graded fillers were tested. The composite materials of G-P and G-P reinforced with SiC and Graphite particles as secondary fillers were experimentally investigated under varying loads, sliding velocities with dry surfaces by using a Pin-on-Disc test machine. A plan of experiments, based on the techniques of Taguchi, were performed to acquire data in a controlled way. An L9 Orthogonal array was selected for analysis of the data. Investigations to find the influence of additives, applied load, sliding speed on wear rate, wear resistance as well as the coefficient of friction during wearing process were carried out using ANOVA analysis and regression equation for each response. The model was chosen as "smaller is better" characteristics to analyse the dry sliding wear and friction while "larger is better" for sliding wear resistance. Results show that the additives have the highest influence followed by load and sliding speed. Finally, confirmation tests were performed to verify the experimental results foreseen from the mentioned correlations