Old Researches were worked to find the splice losses between two single mode fibers (SMF-28/SMF-28) by using different arc fusion splicer without taking the effect of distance between them. We have conducted numerous experiments on this fiber where the fiber is cut and weld many times in order to find the fusion splice loss when the arc fusion power is fixed at (20 step) for different fusion times ( 1s , 3s , 6s , 9s ), the fusion time and fusion power were used with changing of the distance to (10um,20um,30um). another splice losses were achieved by using another arc fusion power ( 30 step,40 step,50 step ) by using the same arc fusion time and the distance between fibers as shown in fig's below , the minimum splice losses have been extracted from the different figures as below , these minimum splice losses compared with different arc fusion power and distance by using three-dimensional program ,Obviously when the distance between two fibers is increased(25-30)um, the minimum splice loss is decreased and vice versa when the distance is (10)um.